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*-Aware Software for Cyber-Physical Systems - Part 1

Prof. John A. Stankovic (University of Virginia, USA)

Recorded 20 September 2012 in Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland

Event: ntass 2012 - Nano-Tera/Artist Summer School 2012


Many exciting and next generation Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) will be based on wireless sensor networks as an underlying infrastructure. Many CPSs such as home health care, HVAC control, vehicular networks, the grid, and home security will operate in open environments and co-exist. The interactions in and across these systems will further enable new and important applications. While deploying CPSs in open and uncontrolled environments provides many benefits, it also gives rise to greater complexity, uncertainty, non-determinism, and privacy and security issues than found in today’s embedded systems. For these systems, new approaches to developing software and its associated programming abstractions are required. This talk includes ideas and (partial) solutions for creating physically-aware, validation-aware, network-aware, real-time-aware, and privacy-aware software and abstractions as key solutions for such new methodologies. The fundamental principal underlying these solutions is the need to develop a scientific and systematic approach for dealing with the impact of the physical on the cyber.

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