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The MARVEL Initiative and the Integration of the Fifth Paradigm of Science

Dr. Pierre Villars

Recorded 11 November 2015 in Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland

Event: MARVEL NCCR - MARVEL Distinguished Lectures, Seminars and Tutorials - 2015 onwards


Confronted with the explosion of computing power, as well as materials data information Gray proposed in 2009 the Fourth Paradigm of Science: Data-Intensive Discovery through Data Exploration (eScience), which means to electronically unify experiment, theory and computation. The executive office of the president National Science and Technology Council of the United States has launched mid-2011 the whitepaper Materials Genome Initiative for Global Competitiveness having as major aim to shorten the time between discovery of advanced materials and its industrial application by at least a factor two. In 2014 JST has started a Japanese Project called Materials Informatics, Materials Design by Digital Data Driven Method. In the same year SNSF (Switzerland) has started the NCCR MARVEL Initiative called Material’s Revolution: Computational Design and Discovery of Novel Materials.

Reflecting these new trends, many ideas have been proposed to explore new dimensions trying to derive interesting knowledge from a simple collection of many data. To show a clear direction for such trends, it is necessary to draw a roadmap by taking advantage of scientific data, namely in case of this publication we select scientific data on materials.

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