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Congress on Privacy & Surveillance

A number of prominent international speakers will discuss your right to information self-determination, the politics of privacy, how to deal with the secret cosmopolitan state within a state, and how to go forward. It is a congress of individuals to represent what is not (yet?) represented by institutions.

  • Med caspar bowden

    Caspar Bowden

    FISA, PRISM and Data Protection

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  • Med nikolaus forgo

    Nikolaus Forgó

    Privacy and European Law

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  • Med axel arnbak

    Axel Arnbak

    The Question Lawyers Don't Ask: Can Law Address Total Transnational Surveillance ?

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  • Med bruce schneier

    Bruce Schneier

    at Congress on Privacy & Surveillance

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  • Med richard hill

    Richard Hill

    Internet Freedom, Snowden, and Dubai

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  • Med binney

    Bill Binney

    Democracy and Surveillance Technology

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  • Med jacob appelbaum

    Jacob Appelbaum

    at Congress on Privacy & Surveillance

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